We provide the Best Health Maintenance System. A Complete Mind-Body Exercise. All Levels Welcome. Beginners to Advanced in All Classes. Get Ready to Sweat and Feel Great!!! We Promise!!! 

We Offer CORE 26 (Bikram Method) HOT YOGA

VINYASA and More

The Yoga we offer is a physical (mind/body) exercise in relationship to ourselves. No Machines, Just You, Your Body. From raw power, building muscle (active) to the Nuances of Relaxation, Nervous System (passive). Our approach to Yoga is one focusing on structural integrity. A common misconception is that yoga is about being “flexible”. Yes you will “stretch” in our classes but only when you have developed the strength. Most people need to loosen up (stretch) here and tighten up (strengthen) there. It is balancing act, a sort of checks and balances. There is no point in becoming flimsy. We are confident that after one month of taking our classes that YOU will feel better. No excuses… Do the work and YOU will Feel Better!!